Sunday, November 4, 2007

caramelizing onions, just for the record

this is the first step in about half the things i make, so i thought i'd go over it once. i know people who've thought 'caramelizing onions' meant adding sugar, but that's not the case. it just means heating the onions over low heat till translucent. the process brings out the sugar within the onion, taking away the bitterness (and resultant onion breath). if you take the onions all the way to browned--keep stirring!--you'll be surprised how sweet an onion can be. smells great, too.


Beerorkid said...

I avoid onions and leave them out of any recipe. The raw ones are the worst to me. We do use dehydrated onions in a few things though.

Been tempted to work a little real onion into some of my dishes though. i think you might have given me the courage with this post.

I will use latex gloves when handling them just I do with garlic. Cannot stand how you have to wait for the skin to fall off to get rid of the smell.

When I managed a pizza place the green peppers and onions were my least favorite part.

Loves me red peppers now, and can deal with the green now. I keep letting my tastes adapt little by little.

Sarah said...

Yum! I use onions in just about EVERYTHING- delicious! =) I like to just saute them with some sliced potatoes. Mmmmm...