Friday, November 30, 2007

double agent: blooming green tea pot

blooming green tea is $2 apiece at bad robot. i found a clear glass double boiler to work well in place of a clear glass teapot designed expressly for the brewing and viewing of the tea. don't think you need to buy a new teapot just to enjoy this popular new variety.

boil the water in the smaller pan of the double boiler. (the bigger lip on the large pan will make it easier to pour into cups later.) place the tea blossoms-- which aren't real flowers, but are still quite lovely sewn together-- in the large pan. once the water reaches a boil, turn off heat. when it stops rolling, pour over the tea. and citrus or ginger if you wish. cover with the same lid. after five or ten minutes (you should really judge this for yourself!) pour the tea, using the lid as a strainer if needed.

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