Wednesday, November 28, 2007

more cocktail (ducktail?) sandwiches

those loaves of cocktail bread are long! and to think i bought two.
this is more of the same pumpernickel from rubschlager, which has a nice bite to it, and keeps itself together amazingly well for such a thin, and oddly tiny, slice of bread.
i bought knott's berry farm jalapeno jelly for this, and while it is an amazing color, it was not remotely spicy enough to stand up to the other flavors.

take whatever serving platter you're using and cover it with slices of the bread, so you know how much to chop up in the way of toppings. spread a light layer of hot! pepper jelly on each slice.
top with a 1/8 inch slice of smoked duck. (cetak's has them right now and they're pretty good, but 13.77#. pieces averaged around twenty bucks. i used about a third of one here, froze a third, and will use the other third this week.) (the circumference of the smoked duck at cetak's may have inspired my entire foray into cocktail sandwiches.)
top each with however much chevre there is to go around (as to use a whole tube of the fresh goat cheese). cetak's has the standard little tubes for 4.99.
very thinly slice one or two stalks of celery, and arrange in whatever pattern on top of the cheese. it doesn't take much pressure for them to stay put.
then one more dollop of hot! pepper jelly on top.

these were gone quickly, but i can imagine this is not a fragile traveler, and could be assembled hours ahead of time--and stay that way through to their destination.

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