Saturday, July 26, 2008

hollenbeck farms beef, shadowbrook farms braising greens

can't wait for the old cheney farmers market tomorrow morning. a couple weekends ago i bought there what you see prepared here: steak from hollenbeck farms and braising greens from shadowbrook.

i cubed and marinated the meat in some creamy balsamic dressing, then seared over high heat in a heavy pan. after the meat was browned i reduced the heat, added the greens and a cup of water, and put a lid on it. about ten minutes later, it was done enough for me. (young greens have the nutritional value of their mature counterparts, but cook in a fraction of the time.) i paired it with brown rice but it would work with noodles as well.

with almost no effort, i had a tasty and healthy meal... because of using quality products. it's not the way i usually prepare red meat, but it was still tender and flavorful. and it smelled fantastic... my dog wouldn't leave the kitchen while it was cooking... and co-workers were asking about it the next day when i warmed some up for lunch.

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