Sunday, July 27, 2008

nine o'clock problems, but my experience wasn't one

i am actually watching shattered glass on ifc as i write this. and i was listening to the grey album on my way to the market.

the journal star ran a story about farmers markets today, a sunday feature with lots of pictures. it listed some markets in lincoln and neighboring towns. it listed the sunday market on old cheney as starting at nine. which i thought was odd, since i knew it starts at ten... which, truth be told, i feel is strangely late in the day for a farmers market to begin.

i approached the market this morning shortly after ten, and it was more crowded than usual. i think some people read the paper and headed down early. i asked a vendor that i know if i was wrong about the start time or if the paper was. she said the paper had the wrong start time, and that it had caused some confusion and unhappy customers an hour before.

i had a pleasant shopping experience, though, because i don't believe what i read in the paper, and because i got everything in the picture for $3.35. clockwise from left: a few infant yukon gold potatoes from an organic farm (they do grow in the dirt, you know) for a dollar, a pepper described as "sweet-hot" for a quarter, two tomatoes that were green yesterday for 75c, and these tiny eggplant that look like pieces of candy... they were $4#, so this handful cost $1.35.

i chose these ingredients knowing that i had onions at home, as well as lamb bought on sale. stopped by the super saver that's across 56th from the market for the rest of what i needed.

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