Monday, July 28, 2008

for either kind of emergency food plan

leon's, ideal and open harvest stock these aseptic indian entrees and sides. in both flavor and nutritional value, they are better than any other prepared food on the shelf in the grocery store-- even compared to canned and frozen competition. if you find them on sale, stock up. the packaging gives them the shelf life that you'd expect from canned food. i got the lentil soup on the left for 1.50 at leon's recently.

they're also the only complete prepared meals that i can think of that would require no utensils to open, while not requiring refrigeration before opening. each bright clean shiny paper box contains a thick foil pouch, which you tear open. i'm not sure what kind of emergency situation in which one would find oneself with no can opener (in one's own kitchen)... but i guess if the zombies came and you had to use the can opener as some sort of defensive device, you can still eat a satisfying and fortifying meal afterwards even if the power grid remains inaccessible.

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