Friday, July 25, 2008

take-out review: o yummy asparagus tempura rolls

i have shared these asparagus tempura rolls from o yummy with friends vegan and not, and invariably, their eyes roll back in their head at some point.

they're even better in the restaurant, when the fried asparagus is still warm; but it's the best sushi take-out option around. $5.95 for eight rolls. reasonably-sized rolls. (really, a roll should fit in your mouth, right?)

if you're going to be near 48th & highway 2 (i think they're trying to call that nebraska highway now), you should call ahead for an order of these to go... unless, of course, you want to enjoy them in the restaurant with some tasty raw fish.

fadeout music, to the tune of "new york, new york":
i'll eat raw fish there,
i won't eat that just anywhere...


Tempura Sports Network said...

these are so good. i could eat more than there are asparagi in the ground.

check the link, though, cause it's about a new husker quarterback not the sushi restaurant. but what's with the UNL-City College of San Francisco pipeline?

lynda LNKitchen said...

fixed! thanks, tsn.