Thursday, October 16, 2008

leftover take-out review: risotto from magnolia

when i dine at a restaurant with several appealing choices on the menu, there are a few filters i use to narrow the scope of that decision.

first, what dish contains ingredients that i wouldn't be able to buy, in a manner as easy or as affordable, for my own preparation at home?

secondly, what dish requires equipment i don't have at home? (honestly, this could be a deep fryer or pizza oven.)

and last, what dish would i be less likely to make at home, because of preparation time or difficulty?

risotto resembles that last remark. risotto requires constant stirring, which takes a lot of time and effort that you wouldn't have to spend preparing another dish. i ordered this risotto as part of a meal at magnolia. it was wonderful. i ordered it thinking some might be left over, and luckily that proved true.


Beerorkid said...

We do risotto often and have it down pretty good. It is rather time and maintenance filled, but worth it. Aborio rice is quite pricey though. Best we have found is bulk at Open Harvest. I really wish we could get a cheaper source though.

I mistakingly received rice pilaf instead of red potatoes at Magnolia and absolutely lived it. That place is really good.

lynda LNKitchen said...

if i come across a cheaper source of arborio, i'll spread the word. it might have to be in quantity.

they do have a good kitchen going there.