Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pomegranate, the fruit that took "in autumn, wear layers" very seriously

pomegranates are back in stores. here's my advice about pomegranates:

relatively soon after purchasing a pomegranate, peel it, and free the arils (like they do on this site). refrigerate. don't wait until you want to throw it in a salad or a dessert five minutes after you get the inspiration to do so.

it's not that it's that bad to prepare a pomegranate... it's no thirty yards of board fence nine feet high... but you could tom sawyer someone into helping you with this. it's fun!

and as soon as you have the pomegranate arils stored in a refrigerated container, your culinary inspiration will be freed up as well.


Persephone said...

here's *my* advice about pomegranates:

don't eat them

lynda LNKitchen said...

that would be another solution!