Monday, August 11, 2008

farmers' market postcards to you

i'll take a picture of it all after cooking, but all this produce is so pretty, i had to post some food pr0n.

it was a great farmers' market yesterday morning. the recent ridiculously hot weather meant all kinds of fantastic produce, yet the weather yesterday was much more temperate, which made the browsing much more enjoyable. top: lemongrass, okra and leeks. bottom: more eggplant, purple bell peppers, some fresh beans in the prettiest pods.

also got some yellow cherry tomatoes that deserve their own post.


aubrey said...

those purple bell peppers are wild. are these the purple peppers of that nursery rhyme? i've never seen any others.

so, what did they taste like? do they taste at all like eggplant?

Kerry said...

Such pretty produce!

I'm hosting a "Farmer's Market Report" Mr. Linky. Maybe you'd like to submit this post? Come on over and check it out!

lynda LNKitchen said...

aubrey, well, when i served them with the eggplant they did. they are pretty similar to red peppers in flavor. i hope i can get more tomorrow.

and, kerry-- thanks! i did link over on her blog, everybody, so go check it out and find links to other farmers market pictures.

Kerry said...

Thanks for your submission to the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have the next Report up at 10am on this Sat. - Aug 23rd. Hope to see you again!