Tuesday, August 26, 2008

cheese curds at the dairy store

while not as common in this part of midwest, fresh cheese curds are a popular snack in areas with large cheese- production operations. these are cheddar cheese curds from the dairy store at unl's east campus, and i bought them today. they're the curds that could be pressed into the familiar block form, and aged to a more mature cheddar flavor. they're lighter, saltier, and more fun.

since these are fresh in format (so fresh since they're produced in the building you're buying them in), they're not available every day. which of course makes them even more fun. i'll post with more warning next time. if you know someone in town that grew up in dairyland, usa, you might want to let them know a favorite childhood snack will pop up again soon. the half pound above: two dollars.


Bryan said...

kickass! Thanks for the shout out. You should list the Dairy store and a link to our site as a "places I shop."

You're great.

lynda LNKitchen said...

you know, bryan's right... link to the right for the dairy store in a second.