Saturday, August 9, 2008

ate ate ate: ribfest and the olympic opening ceremonies

yesterday was 8/8/08. a lucky day if you like barbecue, since ribfest is going on downtown. while there is some good barbecue in lincoln, there's nowhere in town to get this quality and variety. it's still going on today and tomorrow, and i swear it's 99 degrees cooler this weekend than at ribfests i've attended previously, so that's worth the three dollar cover alone. there are a half-dozen vendors from around the country and one from australia.

there's live music, if you like that sort of thing. And last night was sponsored by the country station known as froggy. i don't think there were any barbecued frogs though. there were, however, five dollar tallboys of domestic beer. ribfest or robfest?

the particular takeout tray you see here holds a seven dollar pulled pork sandwich and a two dollar side of cole slaw. it's from a jamaican style vendor, from indiana of all places, named (of all unfortunate things) rasta joe's. was it worth it? yes, without a doubt. their sauce was fantastic as well. flavor and heat for days. this plate was clean within five minutes of this snap.

this experience changes my plans for next year's ribfest. i'm going to go over one of the weekday lunches (where you donate food to the lincoln food bank instead of paying three bucks to get in), and then buy enough food for sharing a few meals, walk right to the exit, and back to the car with a stack of take out containers just short enough for me to see over. they should have some different live music during weekday lunches. string quartets. bluegrass.

8/8/08 was also a lucky day if you like spectacle done right and hate it done badly. i'd never seen an olympic opening ceremony that i rewound to watch a part over again. as an homage, the cole slaw in the picture has been forked with until it looks a tiny bit like herzog & de meuron's bird's nest.

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