Monday, August 4, 2008

sesame sticks as salad croutons

5 oz of organic arugula for less than three dollars at super saver, after a dollar off coupon i clipped out off the sunday coupon ads... i missed the farmers' markets this weekend. while all this produce was a good buy, it still would have been cheaper back thereabouts.

all i added to the potluck-ready container of salad greens was one julienned (then halved) red bell pepper (3 for $2 thru tuesday at hy-vee, and getting more flavorful around now), some ginger sesame dressing, and less than a quarter pound of sesame sticks out of the bulk section at super saver.

[that many sesame sticks cost about a dollar. unfortunately, since i have now reminded myself how great/cheap a cheap/great snack these are {after remembering the sticks even existed, much less in bulk}, i might have to get some every time i shop there, especially since they have five flavors in said bulk. isn't that a lot of flavors of sesame sticks? i felt lucky to find one variety, and then had to choose between several from which to scoop.]

back to the salad, though... a few ingredients means no palate gets bombarded. the arugula, peppers and converted croutons all benefited from being tossed with the ginger sesame dressing before transportation, which took about fifteen minutes.

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