Saturday, September 13, 2008

take-out review: pepe's

ever since i read about pepe's in the ground zero, i've wanted to go. if you read the article, you'll want to go too. havelock, my favorite neighborhood in this town, is not that convenient for me to get to at lunch. so my friends and i went for dinner last thursday... and it turns out they're not open for dinner on thursdays, like it says they are in that ljs piece. dinner only on wednesdays, which happens to be the night of the havelock farmers' market (which runs from 3 to 6:30).

so today i had to go pick up lunch. the interior is lovely. fabulous exposed brick, lots of windows, fresh flowers and potted herbs on the tables. the tables also all have books on them about sustainable food and design. this place would fit right in napa valley... if it weren't affordable and unpretentious.

the menu changes daily depending on what produce is available. this order of black bean and vegetable tacos was 4.50 and delicious.


Melissa H. said...

Went to Pepe's last night. LOVED it! Met the owners of Wise Oven while there for dinner and ended up visiting with them downstairs for a while, even went home with a loaf of their wonderful bread. Great tips, keep 'em coming!

Valerie said...

Carla and I went last night and it was fab! Loved everything about it (the only thing I'd change is that I'd like a spicy salsa option). But,what a friendly, laid-back, comfortable atmosphere with great, fresh tasting, non-greasy mexican food. We ordered enchiladas with vidalia onions, peppers, cheese (of course, yum) and I think cactus? And, the asparagus quesadilla (or did that have cactus?). Anyhoo, we both loved it. Portion sizes are perfect (you don't feel like you need a wheelchair to get out of there--you're pleasantly full, but still wanting more). Great flavors, unique combinations, extremely fresh, reasonably priced. And, the cucumber lemonade is excited to go back! And, now they are open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday (yea!)