Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my favorite thing from the farmers' market this week: heads of baby romaine lettuce

so i didn't get to the market until noon on sunday, and the two things i had intended to buy were sold out. the shadowbrook stand was out of pea shoots-- which didn't surprise me since i was running late-- but they did have something i hadn't noticed there before. full heads of baby romaine lettuce, about the size of an adult hand.

to use them in a way that maximized their small size, i chose a flavor inspired by the lettuce-wrapped snack you might have had in thai restaurants. i soaked the heads in cold water to release any lingering dirt or critters (i found very little), then took off the outer leaves which i reserved for later use. in another bowl, i mixed together a couple of chopped peaches and half a diced onion with equal parts sriracha and agave nectar. after that mixture (bottom picture) sat for about an hour, i stuffed some into these little heads of lettuce (top picture).

this turned out remarkably well, for taking such shortcuts with technique in creating the flavor. (i wish i had had some chopped peanuts for this.) the structure of the small head of romaine makes a perfect delivery device for whatever filling you choose. i'm going to buy these again to experiment further.

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