Saturday, April 11, 2009

so glad i had an excuse to buy these

the cup has wonderful pastries and desserts. these cupcakes should be quite the hit. i did "have" to taste the raspberry frosting, and it tasted like fresh berries.

on the other end of the counter, you should know about their new day-old, half-price basket of wrapped pastries. that's the croissant i took home for breakfast.

the cup also has sandwiches, salads and soups; and their coffee beans are from cultiva. and of course they have more tea than you can shake a spoon at.

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thé cup said...

Hey Lynda! I'm so glad you liked the cupcakes. The buttercream was made with fresh pureed usual, your taste buds were correct.

A quick scan of your blog, I didn't see Pepe's Veggie Taco in Havelock listed. If you haven't been there, you should go. I had the most amazing taco last night. Instead of a traditional tact shel, Pepe made a shell out of toasted cheese. Yummmmmm!

Thanks for the blog mention on the cupcakes. I'm so glad you enjoyed them!