Sunday, April 26, 2009

i went to a bacon party

i went to a bacon party, and i want to make up funny lyrics to the ricky nelson song "garden party" as a result, but that song is too sad.

after seeing the bacon available, i decided to bring the opposite of bacon: a palate-cleansing cucumber and green onion salad, tossed in a keye lime vinaigrette with chili pepper flakes. i only brought this as an antipodal complement to the main fare at hand. i tried four bacon varieties myself, and would have tried more. bacon is a dangerous thing. a dangerous and wonderful thing.

i think the next time i make this salad, i'll put bacon in it. cucumbers are 3/$1 this week at ideal so that might happen soon.

look at the desserts on and around the link above. so good! cake balls!


Chris said...

It was nice to meet you there.

Beerorkid said...

thanks for bringing the salad and coming over. I slept till almost 1 the next day.