Thursday, January 22, 2009

more "fun with leftovers from the oven"

when i took the leftover lamb madras out of the fridge, the day after dinner at the oven, the color of the sauce said stroganoff to me. i know it's ridiculous to put leftovers from an indian restaurant together with pasta, but hy-vee has this great deal on some whole grain pasta which has at least one of the omegas...

i took a casserole dish and put a couple of cups of cooked pasta in it, poured a cup of chicken stock over that, and then put the leftover lamb madras on top of all of that, and covered. baked at 350 until it smelled done, about half an hour.

this turned out super tasty. it wasn't as spicy as the original plate, of course; unless you want to bite into one of those peppers you see there. good for packed lunch.

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Chris said...

I love Indian food and The Oven. Your dish looked so good when I saw it my stomach growled