Wednesday, January 28, 2009

did you know "penzeys" translates to "approximately twenty"?

not in another language, but in dollars.

i went to penzeys spices in omaha a while back. it's definitely a place to visit if you're even curious about cooking, or if you like shopping for ingredients. you can get a good idea of what they offer here at their website.

every item they have for sale is available in a wide range of sizes (read: prices). also, every item for sale has a sample out in an openable jar, so you can assess the freshness and quality a little more readily.

i don't usually like "boutique" food stores, but their presentation-- at least at their omaha location-- transcends the seeming, screaming distance from actual consumption that you often find in specialty food shoplets.

anyway, i bought everything in the two pictures for twenty bucks. approximately. i've been happy with my experiments and results, some of which should appear here soon.


Chris said...

Cool shop, thanks for the tip.

Beerorkid said...

cool. If you can let us know how well those jars work. We still cannot figure out a decent spice container that will not turn our google powder into a brick.