Tuesday, June 24, 2008

three-ingredient no-bake pie

blueberries are more dramatically distinct from other grocery fruit in size, shape and color than they are in taste, which is more subtle. i like them on cereal-- but when i could get a pint of them for 2.50 at leon's last week, i had to come up to with a way to use that many. because of course i bought them.

the blueberry's size and shape also make it hard to get on a fork (or keep on a spoon) when fresh. and the delicate flavor goes bland when baked. so i mixed a pint of blueberries with 8 oz of store-bought chocolate pudding and poured/pushed that into a graham cracker crust i had bought recently when on sale. after cooling briefly in the fridge, it had set up enough to taste great... if not look neat when served.

i bought vegan pudding, so that was two dollars worth of that... but you can find four-packs of store brand pudding on sale for a dollar fifty sometimes, which would be 75c worth.

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