Friday, June 20, 2008

crazy good sale on berries at leon's

the sale is on now through monday. blueberries are two pints for five bucks, strawberries 1.50 a pound, raspberries 1.50 for 6 oz.
i chose the blackberries, which were 1.50 for a 5.6 oz package.

since i was at leon's, i checked the produce section for one of those 99c bags of salad i wrote about before, and picked out a very fresh-looking one... a caesar salad "kit" that included croutons, dressing and parmesan cheese. for 99 cents. that means this salad more than big enough for two cost 2.49 from start to finish.

(by the way, i realize a caesar salad doesn't have berries in it. but a true caesar salad is made with raw egg. so i give myself a little leeway here.)

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