Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the best spring mix greens are...

the ones you buy loose (and sold by the pound) at a farmers' market or in a produce department, like at open harvest or red clover. eight bucks a pound might sound like a lot, but they're on the weightless side. you might sometimes see a pre-packaged bag of spring mix on sale for three dollars, but it's probably four ounces-- which makes it twelve dollars a pound. and the loose greens are better beyond just being cheaper. these little lettuce leaves swelter in plastic packages.

if you're in open harvest and need to grab a quick lunch to go, i recommend a bag of as many salad greens as you want--this bag was 75 cents--and a quarter pound of a protein-heavy selection from the deli...i chose the barbecued tofu, which cost two-fifty for a small container. take them to your destination, throw them together in a bowl, and enjoy.

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