Saturday, September 12, 2009

the eagle is abierto: d'leon's at 27th & randolph open

finally open. i'm not sure why d'leon's remodel of the old drive-thru seemed to take so long. perhaps because i drive past so frequently? they just come into the neighborhood, paint the building bright yellow and throw up "opening soon" signs; and then, nothing for weeks. i was going to stage a sit-in.

just south of randolph on south 27th (on the northbound side of 27th street), the locally-owned, seemingly-unstoppable d'leons has finally opened this location. open 24 hours a day. drive-thru 24 hours, walk-in 6am to midnight (if i remember, 5 tables).

yes, this is within seeing/hearing/smelling distance from the amigo's at 27th & capital parkway. the two locations are so close, they are within wrapper-wafting distance of each other (not that anyone in lincoln, nebraska would ever litter). amigo's-- another locally-owned, seemingly-unstoppable mexican fast food chain. odd choice of location for d'leon's? perhaps not, considering how little one wants to deal with a u-turn on 27th st.

given the opportunity to seize upon an impulse burrito at this intersection, you will not be provided with much of a dilemma, if you practically consider each establishment. amigo's is cheaper, your choices are more limited (this can make it much faster depending on who's in your car), and the palate presented is one step more complex than taco bell. d'leons is what people like to call "authentic"-- can we get a better word for that, please?-- slightly more expensive but quite resonable for the quality. and while more inconsistent-- still ten times better. your wallet and taste buds, and which direction you're heading on 27th, will work it out for you.

for me, it's also a question of, "do i want my nostalgic fast food from high school, or do i want a burrito?" pictured: their lincoln breakfast burrito (breakfast served all day). potatoes, bacon, sour cream, and cheese. 3.99.

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