Monday, September 14, 2009

answer to kfc's double down: lnk's trouble town, pierogi pwn?

i wrote about the fabulously tasty, and nutritionally fantastic, double down sandwich from kfc on another food blog i have (a blog that i haven't used in a while. taking pictures of food that wouldn't work together was fun, but the options were frighteningly limitless and potentially dangerous).

whichever way, the double down is a sandwich from kfc that uses fried chicken as bread. so i used leftovers to make a couple of these little sandwiches that i called trouble towns in homage to the original unimaginable sandwich:

bread-parts: waffle fries
protein-ish: cheese & potato pierogis
dressing: what the watering hole serves with pierogis. blue-cheesy. not bad.
extra layer: some caramelized onions.
side: sauteed mushroom caps.

thanks to t for bringing me back to the watering h0le for the first time this century, and thanks to j for the waffle fries!

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