Sunday, March 1, 2009

have you ever wanted soup from bread & cup on a sunday?

bread & cup has the most wonderful soups. and a great menu in general, and a very pleasant atmosphere for an affordable sit-down restaurant. and they're not open on sundays. which i completely understand, and yet totally resent in the best possible way.

good news! you can buy containers of soup from bread & cup-- at the mill in the haymarket, which is open on sundays. i assume it's day-old soup... if you have a problem with day-old soup, well, i don't know what to tell you.

a 12 oz container is 4.50. that's soup for one, or if you add a sandwich at home (grilled cheese!), soup for two. i wouldn't assume that they won't run out.

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TrixieDelicious said...

The Mill does run out on occasion, though Karen is great about checking the stock daily and making sure there are a variety of choices. Comes with crostini and you're right - with a sammy you've got a meal for dos!